iOS Puzzle Game

MapMan is a unique puzzle game for all ages. As you work your way through each of the 100 levels you will encounter special tiles which will challenge you to think quickly, think laterally, tilt the wrong way round, tilt the right way round, remember tiles that disappear, predict where MapMan will reappear, avoid poisonous tiles and above all else get to the exit within 20 seconds.


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Meet the Team

Creator: Peter Stuart
Art: Fred Mangan
Music: David Sedgewick

Behind the Scenes

MapMan was coded on an iPhone using the amazing Pythonista. In order to submit MapMan to the App Store it was built on a MacBook Air using the nifty Pythonista App Template. We collaborated using Slack and shared files using DropBox. We got lots of help from the friendly folks on the Pythonista Forum. Read more about the MapMan story on our blog.

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Tilt yout device to move MapMan around the maze, you have twenty seconds to reach the exit. Along the way you will encounter various special tiles which add to the challenge.


The reverse tile flips the tilt controls i.e. left=right, down=up and vice-versa. Can you get to the exit before the time runs out?


Pick your route, which way is fastest?


The closed eye hides tiles while the open eye shows them. Take a good look so you remember where the tiles are.


Even when they are hidden, you can still step on tiles. Where were they again?


Round and round and round we go, what tiles are hidden? Step on the eye to show.